Pandas can do THIS? Data Engineer perspective on pandas

We all work with data.

Amount of data is growing fast, in the business setup or daily life. There is a need to extract them from different places, marge it, filter and send it to someone.


Probably you also have a lot of data to be analyzed.

Most likely, you don’t like to repeat this operations over and over again. Doing everything manually is a tedious task.

Python and pandas might be the tools that you need.

Pandas gives you possibility to:
– read it from heterogeneous data sources: (CSV, Excel, Database, Parquet etc)
– analyze the data,
– operate on a data,
– manipulate the data,
– supplement it with another data,
– filter and sort.

After you are done with your operations, pandas gives you a possibility to store it in your favorite format: Excel, CSV, Parquet. Whatever you like.

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